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Ditch the endless meetings and unproductive discussions.

Sprinty injects life back into your agile ceremonies, turning them into engines of improvement.

No more silent nodding or copycat feedback.

Sprinty empowers everyone on your team to contribute their unique perspective and drive meaningful change.

Time is precious.

Sprinty keeps your ceremonies on track and delivers actionable insights while respecting your team's focus.


Sprinty Points

No more guessing games.

Escape the estimation echo chamber with Sprinty Points. Vote on story size without pressure, uncover blind spots, and land on precise estimates.

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Sprinty Retro

Coming Soon

Tired of unproductive retros that go nowhere?

Sprinty Retro turns them into springboards for progress. Share honest thoughts without distractions, vote on key topics, and leave with actionable insights.

Write without groupthink
Sprinty Retro screenshot, ideate phase
Discuss based on votes
Sprinty Retro screenshot, discussion phase
Focus on one topic at a time
Sprinty Retro screenshot, discussion focus

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